Lean Startup #5 Build-Measure-Learn

When you are developing a service or a product as a start-up, you need a continuous flow of feedback from customer side to realize what they want and keep your process in a right direction. “Build, measure, learn” feedback loop is a methodology that helps you to do so.

On the image below, click on each hotspot to find more information about each part.

The model may be called “Build-Measure-Learn” but, if you follow that sequence and jump in at the “Build” phase, you’ll be missing the mark. Instead, it’s essential to start with a planning stage.

Your first task is to define the idea that you want to test and the information that you need to learn. You do this by developing a hypothesis – your prediction of what will happen during the experiment .

Also, let’s see what Eric Ries, the father of the Lean Startup concept, says about Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.

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