Lean Startup #2 Problem-Solution-Fit

According to Ask Maurya, the author of Running Lean (2012), a startup evolves through three distinct stages. The first stage concerns the Problem/Solution fit which this lesson will focus on. To learn more about problem/market fit and scaling click on the image below.

Figure: Author’s compilation adapted from Maurya (2012)

During the first stage your primary focus is to align your solution with the problem your startup idea is trying to adress. The crucial question you need to be able to answer is: Do I have a problem worth solving? 

Maurya (2012) says a problem worth solving boils down to three fundamental questions:

Q1) Is it something customers want? 

Q2) Will they pay for it? And if not, who will? 

Q3) Can it be solved? 

Click on the hotspots to find out more about each question.

Get together in a team of two to three people (ideally) and run your first experiments to answer the above questions.

Start doing

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