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The Canvas by Patrick Stähler

The Business Model Canvas by Patrick Stähler focuses on customer satisfaction. In his book “Das richtige Gründen” (“the right founding”) he explains how it’s done. In the following you can see his canvas with questions inserted. The podcast below provides you with a helpful guide on how to use the canvas correctly. You can either print […]

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

Hier findest du eine Präsentation, die dir etwas über die grundlegenden Regeln von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten erzählen. Nach diesem Input wirst du einen groben Überblick über das Schreiben dieser akademischen Werke haben.  Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten – hier zum Download als PDF

Business Model Canvas #6 Revenue Streams

Every company has to ask itself the questions: For which values is every single customer segment ready to pay? What is the strategy to capture this value? Answering this questions allows the company to generate one or more revenue streams from each customer segment. Steve Blank gave a few examples in the video: a for-free-model, […]