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Lean Startup #5 Build-Measure-Learn

When you are developing a service or a product as a start-up, you need a continuous flow of feedback from customer side to realize what they want and keep your process in a right direction. “Build, measure, learn” feedback loop is a methodology that helps you to do so. On the image below, click on […]

Lean Startup #4 Hypotheses Testing

Hypotheses are assumptions you and your team has about your product, customer and business model. Through hypotheses testing you have a structured approach to validate your assumptions. During the Lean Startup approach this helps you to test your product as early as possible and learn as much as possible.

Video Prototyping

When you have an idea, one of the most practical but easiest ways to define and describe it for others is video prototyping. In video prototyping you usually simply use paper drawings and record a short video to visualize your idea. The video prototype shows which user role (persona) wants to reach which goal with […]

Lean Startup #3 MVP and Prototyping

The Minimum Viable Product means doing “the smallest thing possible to learn [something]” (Maurya, 2012), a version of the product that has just enough features to be released. Or in other words, building an MVP means getting the highest return-on-investment in the form of learning. We have also prepared some more questions for you below.

Lean Startup #2 Problem-Solution-Fit

According to Ask Maurya, the author of Running Lean (2012), a startup evolves through three distinct stages. The first stage concerns the Problem/Solution fit which this lesson will focus on. To learn more about problem/market fit and scaling click on the image below. Figure: Author’s compilation adapted from Maurya (2012) During the first stage your […]

Lean Startup #1 Introduction

The Lean Startup is an approach from Eric Ries. In his book “The Lean Startup”, he talks about his story and his unique way of founding a business. While working in different teams as a product developer, Ries faced a lot of failures. After a while he found a way for startups to grow faster and […]