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This category is all about designing your business model.

Business Model Canvas #3 Value Proposition

The Value Proposition is the reason why customers decide to use the product of one or another company. Every value proposition is a bundle of products or services that solves customer problems or fulfils needs. Some of these are new innovative offers and others are existing products but with a new feature. Values can be […]

Business Model Canvas #4 Channels

The channels block describes how a company reaches and claims its customer segments to deliver value. Communication, distribution and sales channels form the interface between a company and its customers. Channels are customer touch points that play an important role in the customer experience. They fulfill various functions, that can also be described in five […]

Business Model Canvas #2 Customer Segments

Every business model needs profitable customers to insist on the market. To get a better understanding of their customers, entrepreneurs can organize them in segments. A segment describes a group of people with the same characteristics e.g. in terms of their behavior, needs or sociographic characteristics. A company must consciously decide which customer groups it […]

Business Model Canvas #1 Overview

The Business Model Canvas is a tool, developed by the entrepreneur, author and lecturer Alexander Osterwalder, which is of use to find the right business model for a business idea. A business model represents the logical relationships of how an organization or business can generate added value for customers and secure revenue for the organization. […]